Interracial Propaganda Exposed

Please forgive my horrible grammar in advance. I am posting this from my cell phone and I am pretty useless without Microsoft Word. My lady friend is constantly getting in my culo about that so I am making an effort to improve.

Anyway I would like to speak about Scandal, specifically episode twenty-two of season two. It was during this episode that my overly analytically and borderline Afrocentricness started to kick into overdrive. I couldn’t and I mean I could not simply enjoy the show like everyone else. There were too many blatantly obvious mistruths packed into one segment that my head nearly exploded. I know TV isn’t suppose to mimic reality completely but there was simply too much being done in order to promote a centain message to the show’s target audience, Black women.

7 huges plotholes Explosed

1: The adulterous president still holds the heart of the American public.

Okay Bill Clinton is a real life example of this but in his case the mistress was known and used as a scapegoat of sorts also Hilary wasn’t the one to air his dirty laundry and she stood by his side more or less through the whole ordeal. The whole fact that they are together proves that America can look past infidelity if the spouse is able to look past it.

Fitz’s case is a lot different. The Flotus tearfully announced what was happened to her and at a time when she was at her husband side the most. Americans would have expected their relationship to be stronger than ever not in complete ruin. They should be mad that on top of an assassination attempt throwing off the stability of the country now they got to deal with a president who can’t keep it in his pants.

2.  Somehow the First Lady is the bad guy.

This woman has been cheated on by the most powerful man in the world and Americans are shrugging their shoulders like, “What happens in the house stays in the house”. I doubt the whole country lived by the “No Snitching” mantra.

3. The freaking president refuses to be seen with the first lady just because he is in love with Olivia.

That is so freaking asinine that it doesn’t make sense. A man of his power knows how to go along to get along. He would voice his distain than smile for the pictures even though he has a plan to make the woman irrelevant in the near future. The very idea that he wouldn’t just because he is just that much in love with Olivia is the stuff of TV shows. Kind of like when someone hear a scream and runs towards it.

4. Presidents don’t date.

The leader of the free world doesn’t make time out on Friday to have dinner and a movie with the hopes of finding love. His love is the country itself and if he isn’t married when he steps into that role than he will have to surrender any hopes of a romantic life until he is out of office or have a secret relationship. Could you imagine Obama divorcing Michelle and going on high profile dates like she is yesterday’s news?  I didn’t think you could.

5. The Republican with a black spouse is going to lead the debate about race in America.

Yeah… maybe in a different era that wouldn’t make me cringe but since there is no time like the present so I’m going to nervously scoff at this one. Let’s be real this is the Republican Party we are talking about. If anything Olivia and Fitz relationship would be used to justified the dismantling of all our civil rights gains under the guise of “They aren’t needed anymore America has moved on from race as issue.” type logic. Sorry it’s a reoccurring theme among a lot of BW/WM couples. They want to live in a world of their own blinding love and pretend history doesn’t matter mainly because the white guy doesn’t really want to have that conversation with their spouses or acknowlegde white priveledge as a daily reality of living or as a possible factor in their mates selection of them.

Olivia also happens to be too flawed and obviously color-struck to lead that conversation frankly a lot of interracial daters are. Olivia doesn’t appear to hold black men in very high regard and that isn’t who I want to be the mouth piece for my community especially if she got to be that by boning a powerful white dude. This isn’t Pocahontas and he isn’t John Smith so let us end that imperialistic train of thought, ever heard of the Mighty Whitey trope anyone?

6. Let’s undermine the creditability of claiming racism everyone!

I love how the problem solver grand solution to the silencing the woman who has every right to be upset is by calling her a racist. It’s so lovely that a black woman of her intellect thinks nothing of wrongly accusing someone of being racist. I even love how they assume the media will run with it. Well black women who worship interracial relationships will but I digress.  It’s a real problem in this country that claims of racism aren’t being taken seriously anymore. Paula Deen literally outed herself as a racist and we got Judy Smith running to bail her out of the ish-storm she brewed.

We constantly get it in the media that racism isn’t real anymore and it’s really those no good black people’s fault. I was shocked to see Shonda Rhimes make light of that and even help promote the idea that racism is just some silly thing Black people claim to achieve their own selfish ends.

7. Feminists and Religious Groups and Republicans, Oh My.

This is the biggest one right here and I’m putting my entire Afrocentric rant aside.   Why would any of these groups be against the Flotus. Feminist tend to side with the female victims, that’s kinda their niche. I can’t even begin to fathom the idea of feminist groups being mad at Mellie for expressing her views on her cheating ex-husband if anything they would give her a bigger platform to tear the Fitz down from.

Religious Groups are more of the same. They would side with Mellie and condemn Fitz for being unfaithful and breaking the spirit of a loyal wife especially if she remains unmarried while Fitz is off sowing his presidential loins. True Bible bumpers would see him in an unflattering light and would be at Mellie beckon call.

The Republican party are really the only ones that might align themselves with Fitz although I imagine many of his opponents within his camp would use the whole affair and eventual dating process to reduced the man’s political power and you know Mellie would be at the forefront of all that. Side note I imagine his party will have a strong backlash against him the second he shows up with Olivia anyway and I wonder what plan does the miracle fixer have for a party of bigots.

______________________       _________________________    __________________________

This is all from one 4 minute clip from Scandal. There are numerous others that contain pretty obvious Interracial propaganda. Is it any wonder the same women that eat this show up praise ‘Dark Girls’ for shinning light on how “Brothers hate and abuse them while White men love them”.

The black community is hurting. We are more than a couple decades into the African-American gender war and now seeing black women seeking white men to come fill the void cause by a gender divided community. I see it as a natural evolution to the seeds of resentment within the communty and the plan of those who seek to devide us from the very beginning. I definitely believe that there is a campaign among media elites to push Black women into think more of the white man than the black man. That’s why the Princess and the Frog was void of black men. The media has alway told black women that they are better than black men and that their best bet at happiness is to leave him behind. They would love it if Black women embrace this. It would allow for the prison industrial complex to expand and the criminalization of the black male to continue. Afterall if you want to create a underclass, handycap the men and assimilate the women.


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