Being Mary Jane, more like being very desperate

This is so far from Statuesqueone that it isn’t even funny -__-

Okay my brother and I sat down to catch what I assume was the series premier of “Being Mary Jane”. What kind I say… It’s very BET, very very BET. I mean wow. Why is it that being a character one can relate too for black women equal messed up shamble of a human specimen. Is that really what the vast majority of black women see their narrative as? I am literally blown away by the shamelessness of Gabrielle Union’s character of Mary Jane.Yes the woman is named after the drug that cause many African-American young boys with otherwise perfect records to enter the prison industrial complex via mandatory probation sentences but that is just the first layer of ratchetness that is this show.

This woman is literally a who’s who of black stereotypes presented as the proverbial diamond in the rough that we all should watch and root for. Sadly I know Black America will. They will eat it up because this is a sexy educated and “successful” black women who pities herself because she is dark skin and pines for a man that is obviously not good for her. I mean her lust and shamelessness is so great at one point in the premier she literally masturbated but I guess that is moving television. Oh did I mention she’s related to Precious? That was a joke but I wouldn’t be surprised if she appeared in one episode as a cousin or something I mean her family life is that screwed up.

I seriously say this while biting down on my tongue but if this is a example of black romance than I think white men are going to get a heap more girls. I wouldn’t want to take part in that dating market if I was a black woman. No wonder my lady friend agreed with the premise of “Dark Girls” that non black men treat them like goddesses. Compare Scandal where Fitz is in love with Olivia and is absolute in his conquest of her with this show and Gabrielle’s absolute thristiness for a sub-par dude whom she feels the need to steal sperm from and it becomes very apparent which one outweighs what on the ratchet scale. Although I must make it very clear that both women are completely thirty and starved of normal male attention.I am tired of these black women minstrel shows. I get healthy is boring but at this point our dramas have gone from being dramas to just ratchet brinkmanship where television produces see the success of one horrible show and tries to outdo it. The Haves and the Have nots was suppose to crave away from Scandal interracial niche but terrible writing on a new network has kept that mess from spreading too far. This show however will be talked about on Black Twitter and social media. For that reason I care to write about it. I knew this show was serious when Dark Girls appear within the show to highlight how insecure this character was. That’s when I was like, “This isn’t going to end well”. I hope to be wrong.


One thought on “Being Mary Jane, more like being very desperate

  1. I guess you’re talking about the TV pilot episode/movie? I saw an episode from the series this month. It was all right. MJ is hard-working and intelligent, just not sharp enough to steer clear of bad relationship choices.

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