Sorry Swirlers, Olivia Pope married a black man!

Image Okay bloggers and readers, its another interracial post and I apologize for my pandering to the subject but as I continue to dive head first into the world of black cyber-space I can’t help but encounter the swirlers, black people mostly females who regardless of the topic at hand always find a way to interject white men or just white people in general into the discussion. I find these unique neo-bed-wenches and white girl worshipers to be annoy to say the least. They are scared to say or do anything that would be seen as offensive or threatening to the dominant white power structures. They imagine equality as white people maintaining all the real power in America but dating and intermarry wealth and power to minorities via spouses and off-springs. They believe it will water down racism through the generations and in the process make racism a non-problem that’s naturally going to go away. Basically they are delusional and their main recourse when debating is bringing up who every Mr/Miss “White-and-perfect” they are supposedly¬†dating or point at whatever celebrity couple happens to fit their criteria. Their chosen goddess at the moment is Olivia Pope. To them she is the statue of black statue of liberty signalling to them to give their tired, their poor, black huddled masses yearning to breathe free. If you don’t believe me check out the gifs and tumbler accounts dedicated to Fitz and Olivia. Go on Youtube and see them spend hours and days on promo videos and interviews ranting and raving about interracial love and how the actors in show have too much chemistry for it to just be acting. Some Swirlers are convinced that Kerry Washington and Tony Goldwyn are actually a couple and will curse you out and call you a bigot if you bring logic back into the discussion. Well that is why I got on WordPress. It gives me a safe haven to rant and hopefully build a audience in process. They can’t thumbs me down for saying that Kerry Washington is married to a good looking and talented brother. One with a strong African name and complexion that compliments her own instead of contrast it. This dude that many women can’t deny is good looking is also a incredible actor in his own right. I’m talking about Namdi Asomugha. This is cool and refreshing yet kind of sad at the same time. Kerry Washington who basically help normalize being the side-chick in Black America ironically has a healthy black relationship to return to when she is done filming. She gets to walk away from the scripted drama and go back to being the politically aware conscious sister that she is. However to the generation of black girls that watch her show and further develop ideas contrary to their own romantic self-interest (okay to be with a man that’s taken as long as he really love you) and the others who eat up the subliminal messages about interracial love its a little to late to tell them that the television show is design to play on their insecurities and desires as black women to draw viewership and promote a certain idea. It is damn near impossible to undo a fully programmed black woman who thinks a black man is beneath her or at best a equal partner while the white or light man is a leader and captain of his metaphorically ship worthy of being docile and submissive for. Those Swirlers are lost to the black movement. They can’t focus on a black agenda because they are too busy looking for black people to pat them on the back because they gave up on trying to create a healthy black family. It’s retarded and almost as backwards as girls twerking on social media and expecting a real man to enter their life. It’s like abandoning your post in the army than sneaking back on the base to hangout with your pals and brag about civilian life. Your pals are annoyed that you turn your back on your duties and have the nerve to talk about “how good” it is to not be at war. That is what the Swirlers are to the collective Black empowerment movement in America. So while bragging isn’t really my style I will make an exception in the case of Scandal’s Kerry Washington being married to a black man. Thank you KW for choosing who you chose and for being a real life example of a healthy black power couple. I know you will raise smart beautiful and conscious children who will appreciate being black and their rich chocolate skin that looks just like their mommy and daddy.


2 thoughts on “Sorry Swirlers, Olivia Pope married a black man!

  1. Racist much? You are part of the problem. Maybe you should talk to the black men who have done little to protect and honour the black woman, and instead have chosen to elevate the white woman above all others.

    My advice to all women, regardless of color, find a man who will love you and cherish you, period.

  2. I do talk about black men who done little to protect and honor black women. A Uncle Tom is just as bad as a bed wench. The problem is I can make such a statement whereas the typical black feminist can not. I made this blog in part because the Black feminist movement have degraded black men, demonized us, and looked down on us.

    Madam Noire could write an article about the virtue of dating non-black men while making no secret of their view that non black equal better but that isn’t racist. That’s not part of the problem according to you. So thanks for calling me a racist because I chose to celebrate Black love above all others and loath an agenda that seek to make black men unattractive and appealing to black women but I will continue to post stuff regardless of your approval.

    Maybe you should talk to some of the black women who had written off black men entirely but will let their soul’s glow for a month if a non-black dude “Street harassed” them.

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