The Gender War is Real


The Black Feminist Movement attempt at seperating Black Women from Black Men and vice versa

The Gender War is Real

They just don’t believe black men are worth a damn…. All of us… Not some of us… They point at our worst and claim that its our best. They point at entertainers we hate and claim that’s our intellectual leaders. They see a negative story in the media about black men, it’s the god honest truth. They see negatives stories about black women, it’s slander and we should have understanding and pity for all women no matter what she does.

I am a tired black male.

I am tired of having to prove I exist outside your vacuum of expectations.

I am tired of having to state the difference between black males and Niggas.

I am tired for paying for what some loser did in the past did.

I am tired of being overlooked when you decided to write off all black men

but I wasn’t always tired.

When I was a Black boy I was just disappointed.

I was disappointed that a lot of black girls wanted either the stereotypical black guy or the white boy.

I was disappointed that other girls seem to appreciate me while black girls didn’t seem too.

I was disappointed when the stereotypical black guys gave me props for getting so many non-black girls

but I was more disappointed when the same black girls that over looked me started caring about my dating preference.

I found hope in an African-American studies classroom and I’ve been dating and dealing exclusively with sisters since. I have no regrets, I believe in Black women and I believe in Black love but as my consciousness grows and my reading continues I can only become scared by what I see.

Collectively speaking, There is no love between Black Women and Black Men and it’s a chicken or the egg conversation to figure out who started it.

I am a not a dying breed of Black Man just unsung. I do all I can for black improvement and I honestly try to be the best role model I can in my personal life. I am a part of my community and I give back whenever possible. I do not believe I am rare because my peers are like me and I know networks of men like men but if you let the forums on Beyond Black and White tell the story then Black men like me are already extinct or not doing enough and thus deserve to get punished with every other nigga.


2 thoughts on “The Gender War is Real

  1. I honestly believe and hope the gender war is more of an internet phenomenon than real life, but for what it’s worth I totally empathise with being over looked as well. For every black man that is overlooked for not being a thug, there is a dark skinned natural haired woman who is overlooked for not being a Beyonce/thick/a dime etc. Maybe in time these two groups will find each other *shrugs*

    • The hope that the African-American Gender War is just an internet phenomenon is noble and for people that managed to walk through the fire and not get burnt (Had a hard childhood but didn’t let that effect how they empathize with the opposite sex) it’s very shocking to see the views of black people once hidden behind a computer screen.

      I believe just like direct racism has been able to thrive due to the certain level of safety and protection one has standing on the digital pulpit so has intense feelings of self-hate within the black community that one would be ostracized if spoken in the public square.

      To see how the African-American Gender War plays out in real life one must look at American media, in particular targeted to black american, and pay attention to propagandist elements and signs of social engineering. I constantly bring up how Disney’s ‘The Princess and the Frog’ will have a major impact on all future black girls that will be much stronger and a much better tool of psychological warfare for blacks people than having black girls play with white barbies.

      Also the recent wave of television specials on stations like CNN, ABC, and OWN that increasingly focused on Black women particularly how unloved they are and how they are starting to look outside their race love with much better success. It all starts to frame a almost national narrative where the black man is the black woman’s burden and the reason she can not integrate fully and be happy in America.

      On a street level, the number of black women that openly express their disinterest in dating black men is at a high. Indeed the success of shows like Scandal,Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have nots, Sleepy Hollow, and WWE Divas verify the interest of real women viewers which it was made to be a success with. It does speak a lot about the opinions and views of real people in a “You are what you eat” kinda way. Beyond stuff like that you are right to say the Gender War is online hearsay

      but on the other hand I do think it’s a bit of wishful thinking at this point but that’s not to say black love will disappear entirely if I’m right. Maybe as you said the two groups will find each other.

      Thanking for taking the time to read and comment on my post. I really do hope that my blog isn’t too antagonistic against black females so I love it when they comment.

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