Propaganda and Black Feminist

(This post was inspired by Beyond Black and White’s thinly veiled attempted at painting all black men as feral animals)

I am a person that likes to dive head first into Social Media. I spend hours upon hours reading and watching videos and articles that pertain to African-Americans. I have been an active commenter on the issues facing our community and through my research I have concluded that there is an epidemic of African-American females trying to claim that Black men are failures and that white women have more control over the system of racism than her male counterpart. It is truly stupid and devoid of historical merit but this is the pathology of an increasing number of Black African-American females.

I would like to blame the marketing campaign that is Black Feminism for this new wave of “Brothers aren’t shit and other women are just as sorry” yelling Sisters. They have been compromised by selective reading and a serious case of Cognitive Dissonance, which is severe discomfort from holding two or more conflicting world views. Example- in the Disney movie “The Prince of Egypt”, the main character who had no problems with the system of slavery is suddenly troubled by it once and only once he suspects that he is related to them. He has a mental breakdown in one of the temples and even tries to resume life as he known it before until events in the movie led him to run off in the desert in search of a new identity.

A lot of modern African-American females are like this in the sense that they know that black people are the way they are largely because of institutionalized racism and social classism but because a lot of black women do not want to believe that they have been effected by white male patriarchy (The American Caste System) and consequently the reason they are attracted to them. They go online and have a modern version of Moses breakdown in the temple. That’s how they go from empathic of the plights of their fellow man to feeling like it’s their fellow man fault for the situation they are in. That’s how they can have no ill-will towards white men but feel nothing but jealously and bitterness towards white or fair skinned women.

Then like in The Prince of Egypt, all it takes is for one event to make them run into the desert in search of a new identity. Usually that event is when they encounter one African-American male, doesn’t matter if he is the most ignorant creature on the planet, that actually hold an unfavorable view of them and generally the new identity is the Modern Black Woman who hates black men but loves White or fair-skinned men.

The difference between them and Moses is that while Moses had the moral high-ground and a crusade base on facts those Black women have speculations, insecurities, and denial. They want to believe what I used to tell myself at one point in my journey. They want to believe that modern racism is the result of OTHER black folks misbehaving. In this they are absolved of any innate stigma of being black and can freely act with other groups as long as they know them as an individual and not as a person of color. The problem with this lay within the lie. The American Caste System is maintain by strict racial propaganda and all Americans regardless of race harbors illusions about the others that are deeply ingrain into our psyches at an early age (See the Doll Test//The use of race). In most people this manifest itself in the form of Hipster Racism or Ironic Racism or in the case of black folks we make light of our oppression for the sake of humor aka, “If I go shopping in NY I’m leaving the store with the receipt taped on my chest lol” while in others it manifest as direct racism.

That constant back and forth is tiring and no black person male or female wishes to be the butt of most jokes so those women with the modern black feminist mentality do what they feel is there part to end the madness but at last without proper understanding of said madness all they manage to do is reinforce the system. They engaged in a gender war which further thins our ranks and leave us vulnerable to exploitation. Instead of targeting lower class behavior and removing them from our culture we blame members of the gender engaging in them. Also a female in their eyes is merely a victim of her environment while males made a conscious choice to be desperate and underemployed (according to them). That difference in mentality causes the fruitless imbalance within our African-American Matriarchy where are boys inherent a double blow to their moral from both the dominant society and our own women. We have mothers that pound into their children (indirectly and purposely) that the majority of black men aren’t anything and will never be anything hence not worthy of respect or manners. Black boys internalize that and in term seek out black men that they feel can get the respect and proper manners from their women which led to the rise of thug culture and desire to be entertainer/sportsmen. This has backfired greatly against the modern black man as even being the coolest and strongest male in America doesn’t give those black women what they desire most which is complete non-black acceptation and respect while it does brand us collectively as the American bad boys.
This re-wrapped presentation of the black man is an all too perfect scapegoat and easily made into the big bad boogie man of the black community. One that black feminist and those with the pathology embraced as gospel and ran with and it will be a genocide unless we combat it.


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