Beyonce and the Black White Feminism Divide

Beyonce’s Album and Checking for White Feminism.

I am not a woman but cyberspace is pretty gender natural as fair as access to articles goes. That being said I spend some time reading before commenting on this topic.

What I take away from the Beyonce’s Feminism debate is simple and probably misguided due to fact I am a man but I think it’s fair game to question the validity of her approach. I do see a slight bias when it comes to entertainers and flag waving causes.

Raised in Apartheid South Africa; Became the first African Academy Award winner; Adopts a Black Baby out of White Guilt/P.R Move; Still doesn’t understand White Privilege

From my understanding of Feminism neither Lady Gaga or Beyonce really qualify as shining examples of female empowerment. I know White artist tend to get a pass more often and I think that’s because there are more White feminist than Black ones.

If this is the “Mascot” of Black Feminism than why should anyone take you seriously? I mean half the time Beyonce doesn’t even look like the Black girls she “represents” I can hardly tell that’s a woman of color in this photo and she is clearly playing into male sexist marketing or is it empowering because she chose to do it?


I don’t see White Feminist that question Beyonce posing in her underwear, and selling a very sexualized images to impressionable minds as unfair or as a further slandering Black Feminism. If Black Feminism can highlight racist and elitist elements within the mainstream Feminist movement than how come mainstream Feminism doesn’t have the right to point out things they see that is wrong with your camp?

I done quite a bit of reading and a lot of Black feminist get frustrated defending Beyonce because of the constant contradictions within her content and persona. Same thing with Black feminist who argue that Nicki Minaj is about Women Empowerment. A lot but not all cherry-pick what quotes and songs to use to validate these entertainers as Feminist icons and rack their brains explaining why people should look past any questionable behavior.

Seriously, what are the qualifications to be a mouth piece for Black Feminism?

I believe Beyonce has every right to call herself a Feminist and I heard her new album has a popular lecture sampled within it about Women so that is great and even White Feminist agree there but those same Feminist have a right to question everything else about her and to you; their icons.

I see it as a system of checks-and-balances that Black Feminist could conform too without claiming that Solidarity is for White Women. That  is a easy way to write off valid criticism that would improve your cause. Other than that I agree with everything Ashleigh, Not Ashley said about Black Feminist needing thicker skin and not being so reactionary over the words of non-black feminist.  I always believed that Black Feminist over-all have a tendency to need non-black validations which is problematic since they always seem to be at odds with their counterparts who they tend to want to acknowledge by the most.


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