Beyond Denial

I recently had the absolute pleasure of reading an article from one of my muse sites attempting to further discredit any man that disagree with their ideology. It was both charming and amusing to see a grown woman like the author trying so very hard to lay to rest any notion that doesn’t co-sign her argument. Most adults can see the grey areas within a situation. That is the difference between a mature response and a childish one, after all. A child would find any way to be right even when wrong while an adult would accept blame where blame is due and explain away where blame isn’t. Running from ones problem is not what a healthy adult does but that exactly what this author does and this is where I am going to highlight it for all to see.

Her first masterfully written argument was that any black man that dare reaffirm his belief in the face of an black misandrist must not have respect for any black women at all and therefore he is a woman hater and would attack you if he could.

She titles it.

“Theory 1: Misogyny Disguised As Righteous Anger”

In this the author clearly goes on to illustrate a situation where it is common place for black women and girls, who are just being innocent sweet talking individuals conversing with the men that look like them, when all of a sudden things go violently wrong. For no fault of their own and not due to the actual conversation in question the black men and boys would lash out and expose their hatred for all black women and their perceived feelings of ownership over them. It’s a very traumatic image indeed. It is very loaded and sensationalized for her particular audience. Within this frame of context any black man that passionately speaks his case is rabid and the fact that the site she publishes under tends to delete comments from black male viewers lead to a sort of one-sidedness where her audience can fully control the narrative of Misogynistic Black Maleness.

You see within Cyber-space anyone can post their thoughts but everyone should be prepared to defend them and this is also true for real life as well. So when you go on a site or video that post anti-black male context and they delete your comments but leave the ignorant douches that validates their claims, you have to consider the agenda behind the action. 

Was it done in the name of compromise and the spirit of reconciliation or was it done strategically to maintain a market that is easily exploitable to any black women willing to promote interracial love above Black love? Also does my questioning of her motives really amount to me being a misogynist and if that is the case then was there some sort of rule of thumb I missed that explained this “questioning a woman about anything ever is wrong” thing?

If black women who frequent that site all felt or experienced this harassing, demeaning, and objectifying behavior from black men then I feel especially honor-bound to explain that all black men are not like that and even though they hurting from the event it doesn’t justify writing off a whole gender of people or a majority of them as they have taken it upon themselves to do. This becomes extremely problematic when the women who frequent that site and sites like it often censor wiser male commentors while letting the idiots get torn apart (sometimes completely justifiable) by the masses of other commentors.


Harriet Tubman also said “I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” but this is what the gender war is supposed to do. It’s supposed to turn Black Women against Black Men and I know if Harriet Tubman was still alive she would denounce using her words of Black liberation in reference to black women and their dating preference for non-black men.

The truth of the matter is some black men are every bit as misogynistic as the article talks about but she is not speaking about the some or even as a call to arms against the some. Anyone can clearly see that her case is with the majority. Apparently to her this reality is ever-present and epidemic in scale.  I do not believe this to be the case at all. I believe just like mainstream feminism is getting exposed for it’s radical elements by men and women both, Black feminism and sites that often adopt it’s radical elements are receiving a backlash as while. Black men have finally noticed the church of Black Woman Victimhood and wish it out the community so the Gender War could end and we can get back to Black Empowerment.

“Why would anyone accuse black women sharing their negative experiences in this space of expressing hate?” – Toni

No one would but there is a fine line between making your grievances known and writing a manifesto worthy of Hitler’s Nazi Movement.


Is it wrong for me to notice that the author is embodying the very spirit of the people she wishes to demonize. Is it fair for her to cultivate this much hatred towards all black men because of the few that she experienced and does this really equate to a need for all black women to boycott black men. I could gather thousands of brothers and we can share stories about how Black women and girls that called us ugly, said our hair was nappy, said they don’t like dark-skin men and so on and so forth. To me it doesn’t serve a point unless it is to address the culture of Gender bashing within the African-American Community and how both sides project their insecurities onto each other. Neither side is any better for doing it but I do find black men visibly in the forefronts of combating what’s wrong within their genders while a lot of black women opt to find pity-parties to join and a savior figure to help them (Even if the savior had a hand in their collective misery to begin with).

The second “argument” was even funnier than their ‘Black male verbal assault epidemic myth’ and it’s the “#Sisterhoodisalsoforwhitewomen” argument or as she calls it.

Theory Two: Black Womanhood Under The Rug

In this short completely unenlightened train-wretch of a notion she explains that there are Black women hindering “progress” for Black womankind by standing up for black men and not wanting to join the pity-party, Oddly enough from their perspective any black women that defend a black man from a barrage of bashing retorts and comments are the true detractors of the Black womanhood. Any Black woman that agree with a man that another black woman or group of women are indeed bashing them unfair is acting on Slave conditioning and that alone.

Typical of the site and Propagandist the world over, the author weaves together a generous amount of hearsay, loaded language, dramatized scenarios, and a actual case or two to make the argument of the inherent evil of Black men and the audacity of black people especially black women who do not see them as such. They speak as if most black men are rapist and pedophiles while letting ever other group of men off the hook despite the facts clearly spelling out that White men are more inclined to rape/molestation culture. One out of every six American females are the victims of rape or an attempted rape which is alarming and worth talking about by itself but to make that into a separate issue that’s “far worst” in the black community is a stretch of the imagination (stemming from watching For Colored Girls one too many times). Yes Black women are more likely to be raped in America but that isn’t because black men do it more. It is because in addition to Black men, there are other groups that go out of their way to target black girls/women/boys because they are perceived as defenseless. Unlike a rape between a black aggressor and a black victim where a mere phone call to the police would handle everything when the aggressor is a white or non-black we often find its the woman that goes on trial.

Many Black women know this and do not have cognitive dissonance when it comes to race relations in America and they simply do not co-sign talking about abuse and mistreatment against women as the Black man’s sin and his alone.

The truth of the matter is that Rape Culture thrives in America but to trivialize it and reduce it to a reason all women need to avoid black men is nothing new. The “Black Brute” is a well known racial trope associated with Black men and the notion that we can not control our urges to be inhumane pieces of filth is as old as Pocahontas. Furthermore there is no group of Black women that place saving-face above airing injustice, that well known silencing tactic is as old as Black Feminism. The author is further proof that black women as a whole don’t favor saving-face above expressing themselves. #BlackPowerIsForBlackMen is further proof that black women as a whole don’t care about saving face because at the moment a lot of black women view the fate of Black people as different and independent of each other gender-wise. There is no shame in speaking up against deadbeat dads(they chose to be with), pervy uncles (that wasn’t related to you and was your mother booty-call), and self-hating men projecting their insecurities on them. If all this is true than why is it that the second a black woman looks at another sister and say, “Your taking it too far” or “Your wrong on this topic” all the other feminist and swirlers turn around and attack them?


Women like those on Beyond Black and White are not our mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers as much as they like to draw inspiration and guidance from them and take pride in their accomplishments. They lack their vision and knowledge and wishes for the future. They are the vestige of such women. They lost their way and have fallen under the spell white supremacy themselves hence their fundamental ability to overlook the vast majority of racism against black women at the hands of non-black men yet they have an insatiable need to only focus on Black male shortcomings and share them with any ear that will listen.

I love this article and eagerly await a part two because I haven’t had this great a laugh all month.


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