Mission Statement

The goal of this page is to provide a conscious African-american male perspective to anyone who cares to read what I chose to write about. I am a person who feel that there is a Gender War within the American-American community in which Black men and women are too busy playing the blame-game and oppression Olympics to critically talk about our issues in a objective manner. We are fighting this war on the national stage with our talk show pundits and internet personalities and the biggest loser is the African-American couple who through media receive the message that the opposite sex is the source of the others problems.

Many believe it’s the female that started airing the black community dirty laundry when they lost any and all respect for black men and many believe that the men as a whole has deteriorated so much that they have no real chance of finding happiness with them. I believe there is truth to both loaded  statement but in order to hear it we must have thick skin and a ability to admit the roles we play in our own demise.

I will speak my truth, you can respectfully disagree but as long as there is dialog my job is done.

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